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09 Oct 2014

Why Annotations?

YouTube Annotations are an effective tool to connect and engage with your audience. Annotations provides an орроrtunіtу tо іntеrасt wіth your viewers, drive traffic to your other videos. Many creators use annotations as a great traffic generator for their older content.

You can request viewer to subscribe to your channel. Annotations also influence Google search algorithm. All this comes free, nothing to loose.

Annotations аrе used effectively to serve аѕ a reminder for viewers for call to action you want to take.

Your Videos should at least include an annotation that encourages viewers to give thumbs, request for subscribe to your channel, add comments on it, add to their favorites or send you a private message, when viewers click it.

Annotations can also be use to browse next or previous videos in a series. That increases the attention score, and easy for viewers to watch whole series. You can add annotations to link it to your playlist of relates content.


Using too many annotations in videos can likely put negative impact on your viewers because viewers can get annoyed and viewers will turn it off completely from your video.

Tips for adding annotations:

  • Place of annotations should be such that viewers should not get distracted or annoyed while watching your video.
  • Choose color combination that suits your video. Use of too many colors may look ugly.
  • Don't use too many annotations.
  • Don't use very LARGE annotation box OR Very small box that may make hard for your viewers to spell or understand what you said.
  • Make sure you spell things correctly. It looks extremely bad when you are trying to gain more viewers and you have misspelled something on your annotation.

The purpose of putting annotations on your videos is to have you viewer watching your content longer. This leads to get viewers engagement to your contents and in longer run they possibly subscribe to your channel.

In next post we will checkout different types of annotations you might want to add to your video.